If you are interested in applying:

  • Students’ primary residence must be in Bergen County, NJ in September 2022, regardless of where students attend school.
  • Students must currently be in the 8th grade.
  • If accepted, students will begin 9th grade in September 2023. Transferring into Institute for Interactive Design Technology or Institute for Sports Medicine and Exercise Science is not permitted.
  • To begin the process, visit the website and read about the program, then register for an Open House.
  • Open House user name and password does not carry over to the application site. Student MUST create a user name and a password in order to register and begin the application process.



IMPORTANT: Please note that applicants may only submit ONE application to the Bergen County Technical Schools District. Multiple applications submitted by an applicant will be deleted from the application database.

EXAMPLE: If a student submits an application to Bergen County Academies and/or Bergen County Technical School, Teterboro, that is considered ONE application. The same student cannot submit a second application to Applied Technology High School, Bergen County Technical High School, Paramus, or Institute for Interactive Design Technology/Institute for Sports Medicine and Exercise Science at Northern Valley in addition to the first application.


Don’t wait for the deadline to submit your application!


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